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norsu Cabin's Paint Colours Cheatsheet (+ our DIY hack for your Rangehood)

You don’t need us to tell you that there are literally hundreds of colour options when it comes to painting the interior (and exterior) of your home. Your personal style, existing furniture and art and a room’s function all factor into the colour choice. But beyond just how it looks, it is how a colour makes you feel that is the most important. It’s something that our norsu Design team spends hours and hours researching (we seriously have enough sample pots to open our own Dulux paint sample centre)!

Having worked with Dulux from the very beginning, experimenting with palettes in store (see the shop makeover) and who remembers this flashback to Nat's house reveal from 2017, we certainly got excited when it came to curating our paint colour scheme for norsu Cabin.

Nestled at the at the base of the forested slopes of Mount Macedon, our gorgeous norsu Cabin exudes a natural charm that, on first sight, reminded us of a quaint retreat in the heart of Scandinavia (a nod to the scandi roots of norsu Interior). As we embarked on the journey of transforming this cabin into a true norsu-style retreat, we dreamt of soft hues to infuse each bedroom with its own unique personality and complement the gorgeous logs. We also discovered early on that the exterior logs of the cabin were in need of some TLC, more on how we tackled that below. And keep reading for a super handy little paint hack up that's sure to add a playful twist to your kitchen experience. But first...

The Interior Colours

From the tranquil blues reminiscent of the clear country sky to the gentle greens evoking the lush foliage outside, every wall colour was chosen with intention, creating a unique yet cohesive and welcoming ambiance throughout the Cabin. Downstairs you'll discover the 'blue' room, with Dulux Calandre, a delicious and perfect blue-grey, setting the relaxed tone. Upstairs in the main bedroom we discovered, tested and totally fell in love with the softest pink paint colour. It's called Watermelon Milk and it is the quiet achiever of this room, bringing the warmth of a hug from the moment you walk in.

For the 'kid's' room, where we have four double beds, we wanted to echo the glorious country setting by bringing in a green hue. It was also important that this room colour work well for the (likely) younger guests who'll stay in here and be equally as harmonious for any age and gender. The end result was a combination of colours, including Dulux Terrace White for the walls, and Dulux Moorland for the bunk beds.

For the complete colour summary, check out the cheat sheet below, a handy printable guide created by the interiors designers from norsu Design!

What a palette!

The Exterior Logs

The painting of the external logs was another huge transformation, and the most riskiest at that! After inspecting the condition of the external logs, we sadly discovered that some were badly weathered. We also realised that the logs had been previously painted/stained in a dark brown which was completely different to the original log timber colour. After tirelessly researching inpso, we made the bold choice to paint them black. We selected Dulux Domino, and held our breath as the first coat was applied. Once seeing the entire cabin painted (roof included), we were in love, and now can't imagine it any other way!

Colour Cheat Sheet

We are always so happy to share our selections with you and, to make it easy for you to find and come back to, we’ve compiled our norsu Cabin paint colours cheat sheet to make choosing your home’s colours a breeze!

View and download the Cheatsheet


DIY - 4 Steps to Customising your Rangehood

A simple yet impactful DIY project that anyone can do in an afternoon.

Whether you're aiming to match your kitchen decor, add a pop of colour, or simply refresh the existing finish, painting your rangehood can elevate the entire aesthetic of your space.

As you can see from the pics below, the Cabin's existing rangehood was black - and we just knew it needed to be our signature pink. Here's the process in 4 easy steps!

  1. Clean the rangehood to remove any grease and grime.

  2. Tape around the edges, over any buttons and surrounding areas you don't want painted.

  3. Grab Dulux Metalshield Paint in your choice of colour (we chose Ellen for ours).

  4. Follow the drying time instructions and remove the tape carefully. Voila!

Told you it was simple!

A Word to the Wise!

To achieve the true colours of the Cabin (or any of the choices you make), you want to ensure you only mix Dulux colours into Dulux products (like Wash&Wear).

Whilst it sounds obvious, before purchasing litres of paint, apply small swatches of a shortlist of colours in different areas of a room to observe how they interact with the features and light throughout different times of the day. Adjustments can be made until the perfect balance is achieved. Whilst we used Dulux sample pots to colour test, you may appreciate the A4 non-marking colour sticker samples.

We started the room makeovers by finalising our paint colours first! This meant we could move on with coordinating our window furnishing fabrics, bedheads, furniture and artworks.


What a difference!


Questions? We are more than happy to answer them so fire away in the comments below or email us at

Thanks for reading!


Nat & Kristy xx


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