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The norsu Cabin Living Room + Bar

With the opening of bookings to the norsu Cabin this week, we are beyond excited to begin sharing the renovation and decorating details with you! 

It’s no secret that we’ve poured our hearts and souls into the restoration of this very special property over the last six months, renovating and styling it with our favourite pieces. It has been a true labour of love, and we get goosebumps at the thought of sharing the magic with you as we begin to welcome you through our doors.

As we look back at the before pics, we realise just how much this space has changed in such a short space of time. Our builder, Shaun & Paul, together with all our incredible suppliers really pulled out all the stops to get this completed in 4 months. 

And now comes the fun part - over the coming weeks, we’ll be stepping you through every square inch of our cabin, sharing the renovation/restoration process, along with our reasons behind styling pieces chosen for each space. 

We’re starting with our cosy living room and bar - let’s dive in!

See the transformation


The Vision

From the moment we stepped foot into this property, we knew we needed to have a cosy living space, where guests could retreat in the evening, pour a drink, pop on a movie or grab a board game, and settle in for the evening. The size of this room is a little on the small side, so we needed to put our thinking caps on to maximise the space and transform it into a true retreat.

Our main considerations when planning this space were:

  • Converting the existing TV nook into a sophisticated bar area

  • Adding ambient lighting

  • Selecting durable furniture for a small space

  • Adding layers of warmth and texture with a plush floor rug, linen curtains, and cosy cushions and blankets


The Bar

This little nook was originally a space for the TV, with a ply storage cabinet underneath. While it did serve a purpose, we instantly felt the space could be utilised differently, and began dreaming up a fun, yet sophisticated bar area.

Let’s just say we didn’t hold back when it came to this space… From the custom shelving with boujee brass nosing detail, to the Robert Gordon Interiors Cylinder pendant lights, to the CDK Stone London Pink marble (reno tip: we were able to use from an off cut of the kitchen slab, more on this here, the Iver Brass Cabinet Handles and the overload of colour thanks to the Laminex Cabinetry and Dulux Ellen Paint colour. It’s certainly a case of more is more - and we love it!


The Lighting

Given the gorgeous nature of the log and timber panelled ceiling in our cabin, installing downlights was not an option here, which challenged us to consider other alternatives. We decided to upgrade the existing track lighting to use when the whole room needs brightening, and also added in several other layers of ambient light to turn on when it’s time to settle in for the evening…

The Robert Gordon Interiors Cylinder Pendants hanging in the bar create a soft glow with their narrow directional focus. These illuminate the bar area just enough to pour your fave cocktail without blasting light throughout the entire room. We adore the custom colour ‘Dusty Rose’ that Kate Gordon recommended for this space, and are so proud to have it available in our collection (you can shop the range here).

In the opposite corner of the room, we have placed a timeless Soren Floor Lamp, which provides a soft glow to brighten the rest of the space. The round globe allows the light to flow in all directions, and the organic travertine base pairs perfectly with the natural log elements of the cabin walls.

To add a further dimension of light, we’ve placed several norsu Cabin candles within this space to allow guests to burn while relaxing. The flicker of candlelight at night creates the perfect cosy atmosphere, while the custom scent wafts through the air.


The Furniture 

Oh my heart, the furniture in this room makes us want to do a very big happy dance. Our friends at GlobeWest really have nailed their latest collection, because we’ve literally chosen every piece in here from it! We love that we were able to take a few risks in this room, incorporating colour in the buffet, and the sofa (a step away from our usual grey) with a layer of sophistication (and a little more colour) in the marble coffee table. 

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the size of the furniture selected. This room is smaller than the average open plan living space, which meant we needed to choose furniture according to these space limitations. Our top priority was seating, as we needed to incorporate pieces for as many bodies as possible. Enter the Hugo Marla Modular Sofa!

Selecting a comfy sofa was at the top of our list for this space, and the moment we sat on this sofa in the GlobeWest showroom, we knew this was the one. You instantly sink into this feather filled plush beauty easing into an instant state of relaxation. The natural warm honey tones in the fabric suit the cabin so well especially against the backdrop of the lime washed log walls.

We opted for a modular, so that we could tailor our sofa to fit the room, and maximise seating capacity. You’ll notice we’ve wrapped the sofa around the wall rather than selecting a sofa with a chaise. This was so that all guests seated could really lean back into it and feel at home. 

We teamed the sofa with the gorgeous Bonnie Occasional Chair in a fluffy boucle fabric, and we positioned it in the opposite corner facing the sofa to allow guests to converse from all spaces in the room. It may be a petite chair from the outside, but the moment you sink into it, you’re engulfed by a big warm hug - bliss. 

The other element we needed to consider in all pieces was durability. Selecting pieces for and AirBnb style accommodation meant they needed to be hard wearing and easily treated for accidents. Whilst marble may not be your obvious choice for a rental, the polished finish on the Amara Round Leg Oval Coffee Table in Ocean means it as it wipes clean every time, and the beautiful dark vein in the ocean coloured marble will hide any unforeseen marks that may occur. The lacquered finish on the sage Oberon Buffet ticks all boxes for durability and longevity. 


The Styling & Furnishings

As mentioned, cosiness and comfort was at the top of our list for this space. When it came to the final layer of decorating, we opted for an abundance of texture in our soft furnishings, from the boucle cushions, to the merino woollen blankets, the Warwick Linesta Linen Curtains, and that heavenly textured BAYA Karaka Merino Rug

When it came to choosing this rug, we opted for a lighter neutral colour to not compete with the other elements in the room. Protecting this stunner against stains was a must, and we definitely took advantage of BAYA’s amazing MicroSeal service which has already been a godsend!

And last but certainly not least...the art!! As we begin to show you through the rooms, it's evident that the art plays a huge role in telling the story and creating the wow factor. With all the colour in the furniture, we've intentionally chosen an abstract piece that won't overpower the space. This heavenly piece Sunday I by Marcia Priestley sits so beautifully on the wall, connecting perfectly with the tones of the cushions and golden fabric of the sofa. We've also snuck in a sweet little mini piece of Prudence DeMarchi to sit casually on the bar shelf to create a sweet moment.

When combined together these pieces add a layer of warmth, and bring the whole room together, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! Stay tuned for more over coming weeks, where we really dive into the reno tips, along with plenty of style inspo for you!

Big hugs, 

Nat & Kristy xx


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